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300 Followers!!! And Boy, Have I Been Busy...

Reached another milestone today on Twitter! 300 Followers now :D This is a huge step in my eyes, since I'm an unknown indie dev hobbyist just making a game for fun, and random people I've never met have taken a liking to my project. It really keeps me motivated :)

And wow, I've been busy. Working on the game and otherwise. A lot in the game has changed since my last blog post, and many things will continue to evolve, I'm sure.

The biggest feedback I gathered from releasing that short demo was the combat. Bats were too annoying. Character moved too slow. Attacks were too horizontal. The difficulty curve was way too steep. The game was a bit laggy.

And these were all excellent points. Each of which I've tried to address in a certain way.

Combat is no longer linear. Risk of Rain was and still is a huge inspiration for the game, and far too much of the game was similar to have it stand on its own. One of the big departures from my initial game ideas/mechanics is now the mouse directional primary attack.

No longer are all of the attacks on a horizontal plane. The primary attack can easily fend off those pesky bats and it really spices up the combat. It makes it more situational; instead of attacking each enemy that heads in your direction horizontally, you can now jump above them and shoot, teleport behind them and attack, attack while moving and shoot backwards... It really, really adds some much needed depth to the combat.

The character movement speed hasn't been altered, but the enemy movement speeds have. Also, with the mouse primary attack, you can run and shoot and it makes it less of a stop-and-shoot game... which was a big problem I was actually trying to correct even before this change.

This also makes the game seem less difficult. All of the enemy attacks still deal the same damage, and your character deals the same damage as well. However, it really helps to be able to evade and still keep shooting. It makes the game seem much less grindy, allowing you to traverse and move around the level much quicker.

So yeah, a lot's been changing. Soon work will begin on the second level, many new different enemies, new power ups... etc etc etc. Life sometimes gets in the way, with the holidays and birthdays and such, but it really has changed a lot over even a few weeks.

Keep following my progress, and I'll keep you updated here and on Twitter!

OH! And new site additions will be coming soon. Media page will actually be updated momentarily. :D