Feast for Worms

Currently In Development

Pre-Alpha v0.0.5

So for those who may have stumbled across my post on the YoYoGames forums, I quietly released a pre-alpha demo of the game in the last 24 hours.

The link is currently removed because I decided to fix several things before I upload v0.0.6 and I got a lot of good feedback from a few people regarding the initial pre-alpha.

Change Log for Pre-Alpha v0.0.6 - 

  • Adjusted spawner code to be level specific.
    • Level 1 spawns skeletons, bats, and slugs with a 30% chance of two spawning together. 
    • Level 2 spawns all three above plus the mini spiders with a 60% chance of spawning two together.
    • Level 4 spawns all listed above plus wraiths now spawn. Even chances of 1, 2, or 3 enemies spawning at once.
  • Slugs now attack 50% slower which makes them easier to kill.
  • Wraiths now have a move speed of 50% when attacking allowing them to follow the player while attacking.
  • Created an object deactivation controller that forces all objects outside of the players view to become inactive to help with memory overload.
  • Fixed a bug caused by the deactivation controller that caused enemies to get stuck in walls outside of the player's view.
  • Fixed a bug that caused wraiths to get stuck in floor tiles.
  • GUI is now fixed and no longer follows the player.
  • Adjusted smooth camera code to be, well, smoother.
  • Fixed a bug where the blue fairy companion would collect XP at 5x its value.
  • Fixed a bug where large silver coins would spawn even if you hadn't collected the proper power up.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Boss's health bar to be drawn improperly.
  • Reduced wraith movement speed by 20%.

SO! A lot was accomplished over the past few days. I will keep working and the link to the download will be unavailable until I'm comfortable releasing it again. I want to make sure low end PC's or laptops with minimal graphics options can run the game. It was nearly unplayable on my laptop. So now I have two projects I'm working on.

I'm getting in over my head :D