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150 Twitter Followers! And Random Item Drops Work!

150 Twitter Followers only after posting updates about the game for a little over a month now. That's huge! Pat on the back, self. If you're not following along, you should check out my daily updates on Twitter @FeastForWorms!

Also, another big milestone in coding... Random item drops now work properly. This was a pretty big step for me coding-wise. Since I'm learning GML (Game Maker Language) as I progress, understanding the logic behind certain events (especially randomization) can be challenging. But it works! And it works very, very well!

Random drops follow two rules:

1. Is the item unlocked? If so, it can be dropped. If not, another item will be dropped.

2. Has the item reached its drop-limit (maximum number of like items allowed)? If not, it will be dropped. If so, it cannot be dropped and the chest will remain unlocked and unable to be opened again.

I have 12 items designed, coded, and functioning now. I have 6 more items in progress.

I will update another blog post with the item names, descriptions, their sprites, and their functions.