Feast for Worms

Currently In Development

Website Is Almost Ready!

Whew. About a full week's work of tweaking when I've had time away from work and working on the game, and finally the website's almost ready.

I'm pretty happy with the site so far. It's minimalist in design, which means it'll be very easy to update when there's new stuff to post with my game.

I've been keeping very active on Twitter (@FeastForWorms) and Twitter's proven a great resource. It helps me promote the game while getting immediate feedback. Plus it gives me a reason to be extra creative so I can try and share something daily, which I've been pretty good about so far. Luckily I'm still in the design phase so I have more visual things to share.

But yeah! Development is coming along very nicely. I'm almost done coding my first Boss, which means that the first level is nearly done.

Which means... A demo might be available soon. It'll be a very, very, VERY rough demo, but it'll let people try the game for themselves.

Back to work. I have a lot to do before then!